Hero's Journey

What if the "User Manual" to Your Life actually existed today?

Vitorio’s readings are a combination of Astrology reading Gene Keys, Human Design & Shamanic view into several of your past lives. They are approx. 90 minutes long and are prepared and recorded based on the details of your birth.

Hero's Journey - Where Am I Going?
Your Missing "Map to Life"

In this reading, Vitorio guides you through the magnificent, utterly unique journey through your life. You came to this life with a series of topics to work with and tasks to accomplish. It might seem that we have a complete freedom to do and act as we wish in life, yet we all know that certain things bring us joy and others seem like chores. The subtle guidance of inner Joy shows and confirms which life directions lead to prosperity and health, and which may be wrong choices that require too much energy, drain us and bring stagnation and stress. In this reading. In a series of 3 sessions, Vitorio will outline your Life’s Journey for you in 3 different areas:

  • Your Personal Growth
  • Love & Relationships
  • Sharing Your Gift with The World - Business of Your Uniqueness

Hero's Journey Map

A detaied Map of your Soul’s Journey is included with this reading. It shows where you’re heading in this life, which directions are supported by the Universal Forces and lead you towards prosperity and health, and which might be wrong choices that come to you as suggestions from the outside and lead to struggle, friction and stress. Working with this Map, you'll have a clear overview of topics and tests that help you make right choices, unlocking the life of Super-Charged Performance with Effortlessness and Flow.

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My mission is to create simple, yet powerful tools and processes that help individuals & companies expand to their highest potential and begin living fulfilled, joyful and prosperous lives filled with inspired creation.