My Unique Gift

What if the "User Manual" to Your Life actually existed today?

Vitorio’s readings are a combination of Astrology reading Gene Keys, Human Design & Shamanic view into several of your past lives. They are approx. 90 minutes long and are prepared and recorded based on the details of your birth.

My Unique Gift - Who Am I?
Your Missing "User Manual"

In your initial reading - My Unique Gift: Who Am I? - Vitorio goes in detail of examining your soul structure, with the goal of finding your “Unique Gift to The World”. He looks for the optimal use of your talents, locating your personal obstacles and focusing on reaching your highest potential in this lifetime. The idea is to make the best use of gifts and talents that the Universe has given you, while catching and overcoming your obstacles, so that manifesting your "true calling" comes naturally and effortlessly. Vitorio considers this effortlessness to be the evidence that you're living your true life's purpose, using effectively the vast leverage that Universal Forces put at your disposal. This reading includes Soul Blueprint Map - Your Missing "User Manual" - the ultimate map of inner drives that push and pull you in different directions. Once you take an active role over these inner drives, you become an effective manager of your inner world, so you can begin creating your outer world as you wish it to be.

Soul Blueprint Map

A detailed Map of your Inner World is included with this reading. It maps out your inner drives that generate moods & emotions which seem to be pushing and pulling you in different directions at the same time. It offers you a clear view into those drives and allows you to focus in taking leadership over them. The map also shows your fears, beliefs, programs and childhood trauma topics. Once you’re able to clearly see them you can focus your work to targeting and releasing those specific programs.

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My Mission

My mission is to create simple, yet powerful tools and processes that help individuals & companies expand to their highest potential and begin living fulfilled, joyful and prosperous lives filled with inspired creation.