Astro-Shamanic Session

Your Soul Fingerprint

An Astro-Shamanic session is a combination of Astrology reading & Shamanic view into several of your past lives. Sessions are approx. 90 minutes long and are offered in person or on Skype / Zoom.

In your initial session, Vitorio goes in detail of finding your “Unique Gift to The World”. He looks for the optimal use of your talents, focusing on reaching your highest potential in this lifetime. The idea is to make the best use of gifts and talents that Universe has given you, so that manifesting your "true calling" comes naturally and effortlessly. Vitorio considers this effortlessness to be the key to living our true life's purpose with grace and balance, as it indicates we’re using effectively the vast leverage that Universal Forces offer us.

Optionally you may schedule a follow-up session where we look at a number of additional aspects of your life: your “Soul Map”, your partnerships, your children, timing and energies around a particular event, your current year or current month, etc.

Most commonly in the first follow-up session we examine the planetary energies NOW, at this moment, looking at the topics that The Universe brings to your attention today and within the current 1-3 year period. This session offers a zoom-in view into the current part of your inner journey, the topics and themes asking you to focus on right now.


Soul Alchemist

Vitorio is a modern day Alchemist / Shaman / Magician, with a unique gift of helping people visualize and embody their Soul's True Purpose and integrating it into the business world and everyday life.

In his “previous life” Vitorio lived between United States, Brazil and Europe, where he ran several international businesses, including Digital Animation and Real Estate Design & Development. Life seemed good traveling the world and experiencing material success. Still, having all the outward signs of “success”, Vitorio was puzzled why it all felt less than fulfilling, as if something important was missing.

In 2009, Vitorio started a spiritual awakening process. Together with a group of artist friends, he organized an international multi­disciplinary art exhibit. The inspiration and themes came from a higher, intuitive source and artists worked from the space of love and joy, leaving all material and time constraints behind. At the exhibit space, once all pieces and installations were mounted and switched on, Vitorio experienced deep state of bliss he hadn’t felt since early childhood. This state persisted for several days ­- full flow where everything was simply perfect as is. The artworks that the group created radiated pure love! At a time it wasn’t clear what it all meant. In retrospect, the inner light he felt during this process ignited the spark that started Vitorio’s awakening. As if awakened from a deep sleep, he started re­evaluating everything that thus far he took for facts. Most burning question that came was: Why isn’t most of our life spent on pursuits that afford this level of bliss, lovingly co­creating with others? Other questions started popping up, such as: What is truly important? What are our true priorities, and what’s obstructing our view so we don’t readily see them?

In the following period, Vitorio answered many of these questions for himself and he started an in­-depth study of a number of subjects that fascinated him since childhood, but found his environment harshly opposing his deeper pursuit of them. The main focus was - deepening his practice of Astrology, Shamanism and Music.

Today, Vitorio dedicates his time to supporting his fellow humans in finding their own deeper meaning and coming closer to their own inner bliss. He lives travelling the world and often wakes ­up loving life and smiling for no apparent reason.

At his sessions, Vitorio combines Astrology, Shamanism and Sound Healing, reaching deeply into Universal Forces propelling our soul, in order to find every individual’s “Unique Gift to The World”. At this level, we recognize that in order to be original, we don’t have to do anything other than - walk our soul’s path, aligned with the Universal Winds. We can’t help being unique! So there can’t possibly be any competition, once we start acting in tune with our innate uniqueness. Making the best use of gifts and talents that Universe has given us - manifesting our "true calling" comes naturally and effortlessly. Vitorio considers this effortlessness to be the key to reaching our highest potential in this lifetime, as it indicates we’re effectively using the vast leverage Universal Forces offer us.

What can I do for you?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
- Carl Jung -

Astrology Reading


  • PDF Document
  • Up to 50 pages
  • Personal & Business Aspects
  • Destiny and Soul's Mission
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Astro Shamanic


  • Astro-Shamanic Reading
  • 90 min Recorded Audio
  • Soul Map Drawing
  • Healing Mantras
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Soul Package


  • Astro-Shamanic Reading
  • Gene Keys Reading
  • Soul Map Drawing
  • Healing Mantras
  • Guided Meditation
  • 2.5 Hours of Audio Material
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Live Session


  • 90 min Live Session
  • In-Person, Skype or Zoom
  • Astro-Shamanic Energetic Work
  • Belief Work
  • Entities Work
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