VICTOR, Soul Alchemist

VICTOR, Soul Alchemist

Joy & Magic

- And Nothing Less -

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to live in a state of perpetual Bliss, Joy and Magic? To somehow go back in time, back to when we were children, and to permeate ourselves with that joyful state of endless excitement, curiosity and awe about every little thing that happens around us. We all remember that time. Life was absolutely magical back then. Anything and everything was possible and there was no boundary between what we dreamed and what we lived.

And then somehow, that state started changing. Sure it was still fun, but by the time we started school the rules, regulations and expectations were imposed on us and our unlimited freedom started to get gradually chipped away and diminished. Our soul got pressed and squeezed into molds of many shapes and sizes, pressuring us into surrendering increasingly larger chunks of our freedom. Deeper we immersed ourselves in social life, deeper and deeper were we lead into submission. Submission to societal norms, rules of conduct, rules of behavior, dress codes, work hours, paid vacations. Soul-crushing taming continued through each and every institution we went through. By the age of 35, most people surrendered 95% of their disposable energy, having it locked into pre-wired attitudes, programs beliefs and and behavior patterns.

So now what? Is there a way out of this? Can we reclaim our energy, our life and our freedom? Can we go back to life of Joy and Magic we once had?

I say: enthusiastically YES!

But we need to do some work first. First and foremost, we need to remember WHO WE ARE. “Know thyself” is a ages-old maxim that still holds true. And then we need to learn to identify what MY SOUL really wants, as opposed to what it was “programmed into me to want”. Stop and reflect a bit on this one. Do you really know for sure what your soul truly wants vs. what it had been programmed to want through incessant marketing, mind programming, Social Media “trendings” and all the NLP you were exposed to?

To reclaim our life and start actively creating it into a work of art, we need to take some steps.

Step 1 - Remembering your Soul.

Step 2 - Removing from your soul all energetic “garbage” and residue from all imprinting it has been unconsciously NLP-ed in over the course of your life, passed on from ancestors and previous lives.

Step 3 - Choosing Joy & Magic and accepting NOTHING LESS.

We are all Divine Beings and as such we have the ability to create our reality. Once we digest and accept this fact and integrate it in our Soul, we are ready to create mirracles. And that’s when we’re at the door of Paradise - Heaven on Earth. We’re creating our own Joy and Magic with every move, every thought and every word.

I wish you a warm, heartfelt welcome back to your beautiful, magical life!!!


- Soul Alchemist -



Soul-Alchemy session is a deep dive into your soul, combining Astrology, Alchemy and Shamanic access to several of your past lives. Sessions are approx. 1-1.5 hours long and are available in-person or on Skype.

At the session, we’ll take a profound look into your soul and your life, looking for your highest, most joyful expression - your “Unique Gift to The World”. We look for the optimal use of your talents, focusing on reaching your highest potential in this lifetime. The idea is to make the best use of gifts and talents that Universe has given you, so that manifesting your "soul’s true calling" comes naturally, joyfully and effortlessly.

Often we'll find a number of old programs and beliefs that no longer serve you, stored in your body and subconscious mind, lingering on since childhood, inherited from your family, ancestors or from the culture where you grew up. These energetic blockages slow down your soul’s journey, create conflicts and painful experiences, and often act as stubborn, re-occurring behavior patterns that seem to be coming back no matter how much you worked on them.

We'll locate these blockages and clearly mark them for removal from your system so your Soul can reclaim this energy and use it to create your new reality at the frequency of your Original Divine Timeline.

What we’re looking for is clearing the way for achieving a life of full Joy and Magic. As Divine Beings we deserve and accept nothing less.


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