Alchemy School in Bali

9-29 april, 2018


“Life is abundant - here, now and forever. Wherever you are, it needs only to be tapped.”


“The changing of base metals into gold would produce only earthly beauty and earthly wealth. But the changing of base nature of man into the refined gold of the Spirit enables him not only to master the world of the Spirit, but also, to take dominion over the material world.”


“So long as man live according to “earth, earthy”, according to the concepts of “flesh and blood”, he cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, he cannot sustain heavenly consciousness. But when in childlike innocence he enters into the divine domain, he finds that all of the universe is his - for now he belongs to all of the universe.”


Saint Germain Alchemy by Mark L. Prophet & Elizabeth Clare Prophet



So, what is the Alchemy School all about?


Alchemy is a path of deep transformation of the inner self and transmutation of matter, through the conscious and skillful mixing of different chemical, natural and experiential elements.

An Alchemist works in synergy with Forces of Nature, with precision and deep knowledge. He operates in the invisible world from the place of inner confidence as he’s fully aware of processes at play. No guesswork is allowed as any imprecision is immediately visible as - lack of results.


How is Alchemy applicable to my life?


The immediate application of Alchemy is to create and maintain the state of Joy & Magic in your life. Learning Alchemy brings the most advanced understanding of Natural Laws. This knowledge will bring clarity about interactions between Spirit and Matter, and how the seen and unseen worlds inter-relate. Alchemical principles you’ll learn at School will enable you to bring about profound shifts of inner self, to master and transcend your lower self and to eventually establish deep inner peace.


Why learn alchemy today?


The power of skillful alchemical work is huge. That’s why this knowledge was kept secret through the ages and in possession by few chosen ones. The world has changed since those times and Alchemy is now available to us, and in a form far more joyful and fun than it was ever before.

With advanced alchemical tools and knowledge and through synchronized group work, we’re able to merge visible and invisible worlds and create profound shifts on collective level. Alchemy School in Bali will bring this knowledge to you today, to the extent that you’re ready to receive.


Who is Damanhur?


The knowledge is brought to you directly from the source - from Damanhur, where alchemy has been systematically studied and applied during the last 40 years. Through their original research, Damanhurians painstakingly studied Alchemical traditions from every corner of the world and finally distilled it into practical and understandable principles and tools to be used in everyday life.


To learn more about Damanhur and their fascinating Spiritual Arts research, watch this YouTube Video:


What are some of the topics to be learned at Alchemy School?


  • Bringing the Mystical into everyday awareness

  • Connecting to The Universal Mind

  • Connecting to The Source Of All That IS

  • Developing your own Alchemical tools & liquids

  • Learning to feel and work with your personal ecosystem of Spiritual Beings

  • Multidimensional awareness

  • Learning about true nature of Time - Navigating Timelines

  • The power of Word, Command and Mantra - proper use of Formulas

  • Cultivating and storing Prana Energy through meditation and breathing techniques

  • Conscious work with the Dream World

  • Connecting and establishing synergy with plants

  • Using Nature as your Lab and your body as Alchemical Vessel


some additional benefits of attending the Alchemy School?


  • Creating an Alchemy Egregor - sharing with fellow Alchemists. Tapping into the collective intelligence & creativity in a group of like minded Alchemists.

  • Using the power of group to access deepest levels of healing, both within oneself and on the level of entire Humanity.

  • Mystical day-trip journeys - exploring amazing, hidden Bali Power Sites and anchoring newly reached Alchemy skills deeply into Bali Synchronic Lines.


Alchemy School schedule


21 Days of deep diving into Alchemy and Magic:

  • 14 Full Days of Study & Practice

  • 7 Days of Mystical Field Trips throughout Bali (applied Alchemy of Joy)


Daily Schedule for Study days


9:45 - 10:00 Getting in the groove with Opening Ceremony

10:00 - 1:00 Alchemy Study through Joy & Magic


1:00 - 2:00 Organic, vegetarian Lunch by our authentic Balinese Chef

2:00 - 2:30 Chilling Time among Balinese Palm Trees (watch out for coconuts!!!)


2:30 - Alchemy Study & Practical Exercises - practice what you learned right away!

4:30 - Closing Ceremony


Daily Schedule for Field Trip days


8:45 - 9:00 Get ready for adventure and exploration

9:00 - Magic Flow starts - vans depart towards our mystical destination

1:00 - Authentic Balinese lunch prepared by local family

4:30 (maybe) - Back to reality



Practical Details


Alchemy School will take place in Ubud, Bali. Exact location will be provided upon full payment.



If you need help with finding accomodation, we have access to wide variety of gorgeous Bali properties to fit any budget and we’ll be happy to help you connect with the one best fitting your needs.


We are looking forward to embarking on the journey of Alchemy & Magic, and sharing our passion, knowledge and joy with you!


Con voi / With love!!!





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