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What if the "User Manual" to Your Life actually existed today?

Vitorio’s readings are a combination of Astrology reading Gene Keys, Human Design & Shamanic view into several of your past lives. They are approx. 90 minutes long and are prepared and recorded based on the details of your birth.

Live Session & Mentoring
Going Deeper

After you have been through your initial Readings and you worked with your inner aspects and obstacles long enough to know them well and have a good grasp over them, you may request a live session where Vitorio looks deeper into the "stubborn", life-long issues that you've been carrying around for years, unable to resolve them so far. Most commonly at your first live session Vitorio examines your life goals and asks the question: "Why aren't you there already?". That question points you in the direction of your inner blockages and beliefs and that's where the deeper work starts.Some of the topics that Vitorio can work with you on include:

  • Getting to Effortless Flow - Clearing Beliefs & Addictions
  • Me & My Money - Clearing Beliefs About Money
  • Love & Relationships - Upgrading to an Empowering Union
  • Activating Your True Soul's Mission

Before you can schedule a live session Vitorio will schedule a 20-min. free discovery call to determine whether you are appropriate fit for a live session with him. To qualify for a live session you must have a good grasp of your soul structure and you must be familiar with at least the basics of Energy Work and principles of Quantum Reflective Reality. If you're not there yet, Vitorio will be happy to connect you with appropriate practitioners that can introduce you to Energy Work and the principles of Reflective Reality.

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My Mission

My mission is to create simple, yet powerful tools and processes that help individuals & companies expand to their highest potential and begin living fulfilled, joyful and prosperous lives filled with inspired creation.