Tobias K.

I’ve been interested in astrology for many years and I had other personalized readings before. Yet I found Vitorio’s Astro-­Shamanic reading the most accurate, helpful and insightful. Especially the shamanic aspect of the reading helped me to see the bigger picture of my personal drama, which I found to be a truly liberating experience.

Vitorio did a partner reading for me also, and this too was full of interesting and important insights into what energies run in the relationship and how to deal with these aspects. I highly recommend his services to anyone interested in astrology or self­-development.
— Tobias K., Frankfurt, Germany

Michela B.

The tangible and intangible realities are the two territories where shamans can find answers to human beings’ questions. Not an easy job especially in our confused and confusing times where materialism is like a heavy coat that doesn’t allow us to get in touch with our souls.

Vitorio has the ability of traveling between these different worlds and bringing you what you need to know in order to walk safe on your very personal path. Talent, skills, knowledge, intuition and a lot of passion for what he does are his “magic tools”. He was able to give me a clear picture of past and present situations and opportunities, in a very open and kind way which helped me make decisions in this phase of my life.
— Michela B., NYC, New York - USA

Miriam F.

Dear Vitorio, I want to thank you again for your beautiful reading of my Astro­Shamanic chart. I find it wonderful how much help I get from all the personal mantras you shared with me.

I was listening to the recording of our session again earlier this week, and it filled with me with enthusiasm and positive energy. I feel ready to take all those steps we outlined. You have a gift for doing this work. I absolutely love it and I will never forget this.
— Miriam F. Amsterdam, Netherlands